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PawsOFF™ Protective Bed Cover

PawsOFF™ Protective Bed Cover protects pet owner's beds from anything a pet can dish out: fur, dirt, germs, slobber, dust, odors, and that odd, curious stain (hmm...). The 100% polyester fleece bed cover fits securely overtop your bed linens, comforter, and pillows so it's quick and easy in the morning to just throw it on before you leave. Because your bed is fully protected, your pets may roam freely and play or sleep in their favorite place at will. Just remove the cover when you return home and your bed is perfectly clean and tidy. Your pets remain happy pets and you can be a happy owner too!

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Portion of the proceeds will go to a charity foundation.

  • Made from 100% high grade, multi-fiber polyester fleece - a non-pilling, thick and durable material that is absorbent and attracts pet hair so it doesn't get tracked around the house
  • Convenient elastic garters tuck underneath each mattress corner to keep the cover securely on the bed and prevent it from riding up if overzealous pets like to claw, dig or scratch at your bed
  • Easy-to-locate PawsOFF™ label allows for fast and easy placement onto your bed every time - just look for the label and orient it towards the foot of the bed. No guessing which way it should go on!
  • Available in standard king, queen, double and single mattress sizes and accommodates to all mattress depths
  • Machine washable
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Choose one of three neutral colors- sand, chocolate, charcoal - to easily match your bedroom decor and/or your pet:
  • Sand Chocolate Charcoal
  • Never have a messy bed again! No more ripped, smelly, or stained pillows, bed linens, or comforters!
  • You can sleep in a clean, odor-free bed every night while your pet enjoys the comfort of your bed during the day.
  • Allows your pet to roam freely in the house so they no longer need to be confined. No more scratched up doors and floors!
  • Improves your pet’s quality of life by allowing him/her the freedom to cuddle up in their favorite place. Your pet will love to snuggle on the soft, cozy and comfortable fleece.
  • No more yelling and disciplining your pet, causing them (and you!) unnecessary anxiety
  • Provides peace of mind that you will have a clean bed to sleep in when you return home instead of an unsightly mess to clean up.
  • Spend less time washing bedding, thus decreasing household expenses and dry cleaning bills.
  • Save money on replacing your expensive bed linens and comforters which can add up over time.
  • Before you leave the house, simply locate the PawsOFF™ label on the cover and orient it towards the foot of the bed. Place the cover over your existing bedding, making sure that all four elastic garters are securely tucked underneath each mattress corner and that none of your bedding is exposed. If your mattress is shallow, tuck the excess material underneath the mattress for extra security.
  • When you return home, remove the cover completely to reveal your beautifully clean and protected bed – or remove the cover halfway and it acts as a decorative throw!
  • Guaranteed to work, no matter how rambunctious a pet you have

Your furry companion loves to ride in your car...but unfortunately, your car ends up looking and smelling like your pet. Fortunately, there is PawsOFF™ Protective Car Seat Cover! The waterproof cover fits securely over your back seat to protect it from your pet and keeps your car looking and smelling clean and pet-free.

  • Made of 100% polyester with waterproof backing
  • Nylon straps easily attach to your rear seat headrests and have adjustable clasps for a snug and secure fit
  • Smart seat belt openings allow for use of safety restraints or safety harnesses to keep your pet or other backseat passengers secure
  • Very easy to attach and remove from car
  • Black color to blend in with any interior
  • Size: Width: 55" Length: 39"
  • Keep the back seat of your car clean, hair-free, and odor-free!
  • Protect your expensive leather or fabric from dirt, hair, moisture, mud, scratch marks, and odors
  • Protect against unexpected “accidents”
  • Your pet can still ride with you while your car interior remains clean and fresh!
  • Place each nylon strap around each back seat headrest
  • Adjust clasps making sure that the car seat cover completely covers back seat, ensuring no leather or fabric is exposed